Spill and Chemical Training

Figure 1
Donning PPE & RPE
in a Laboratory Environment

Sapira have been providing specialist spill training since the early 1990s. Unlike other providers we specialise in our subject, its not an add on to the supply of other products and services.

Our dedicated team of consultants and trainers have been selected because of their years of experience working in the UK Emergency Services or similar environments. We understand all of the elements involved in responding to hazardous unplanned events and have therefore developed a modular approach to our training allowing us to cater for all levels of delegate experience. We offer a full range of courses from the basic introduction to Incident Management and Spill Response.

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Chemical Awareness Training & Laboratory Spill Response

Chemical Awareness Training

Our experiences of working with Universities, Laboratories and Government Agencies in developing and delivering dedicated hazardous chemical response courses tailored to the environment and hazards involved. Incorporating the use, deployment and management of Breathing Apparatus and High Resistance PPE has resulted in the Sapira Lab Spill Response Modules.

Typical subject areas covered by our range of courses:-