Location Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessment, Security & Access Control Assessment, IT & Data Protection

Averting disaster and building resilience are now common themes in Management Systems aimed at building and organisational risk.

Fire Safety & Prevention

Prevention and proactive actions are emphasised by The Fire Safety Order. Under the Order, people responsible for commercial buildings i.e. the employer, owner, or any other person who has control of any part of the premises, are required to carry out a mandatory detailed fire risk assessment identifying the risks and hazards in the premises.

Business Continuity Resilience Testing

Business Resilience Testing

ISO22301 Business Continuity Management System or indeed any regulated Financial Services Organisation are required to demonstrate resilience. Sapira specialists will, following our basic principles provide you with an initial assessment of your resilience selecting from relevant assessment criteria be it Data Protection, Physical Security, Crisis & Incident Management effectively a Business Impact Analysis which will help you to highlight any gaps and quantify the risks associated with them. Then working with you as auditors, client side advisers, implementers or trainers we can help you to improve.

No project is too small, we work at both SME and Large Corporate level Nationally and Internationally.

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